What are Cocoa Flavanols

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Media Type:Video
Title:What are Cocoa Flavanols
Release Date:July 15, 2014

Gentle handling and processing of the cocoa bean, from harvesting it at a farm through final delivery of the product, is critical to ensure preservation of cocoa flavanols. As a leader in cocoa research, the scientists at Mars, Incorporated developed and perfected the patented Cocoapro® process, which extracts cocoa flavanols directly from fresh cocoa beans, preserving them in the highest concentration available.

This cocoa extract is the key ingredient in CocoaVia® cocoa extract supplement and thanks to the Cocoapro® process, we use the freshest cocoa bean possible to make this extract. In fact, we are one of the few companies that can actually trace our beans back to the Indonesian farmers who grow the cocoa.

Fresh beans. Gentle handling. Patented processing. These are the keys to the Cocoapro® process and to our promise to you.