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Mars, Incorporated Awarded AOAC International's 2013 Multi-Laboratory Study Of The Year Award For First-Of-Its-Kind Cocoa Flavanol Research
Specific Method is Critical for Measuring Cocoa Flavanols in Products Chicago, Illinois (August 27, 2013): Mars, Incorporated, received the 2013 Multi-Laboratory Study of the Year award from AOAC International for a first-of-its-kind study designed to provide detailed information about composition of cocoa flavanols, a plant nutrient shown to have a range of proven human health benefits. The award recognizes a multi-laboratory study and method that demonstrates unique and noteworthy scientific achievements. Mars accepted the award at the 127th AOAC Annual Meeting...
Mars, Incorporated Earns 2013 Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award
Institute of Food Technologists Recognizes Mars’ Leadership in Nutrition and Food Science for Cocoa Flavanol Research Chicago (July 15, 2013) — Mars, Incorporated, recently received the 2013 Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award from the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), recognizing Mars’ leadership and commitment to research on cocoa flavanols, a plant nutrient shown to have a range of proven benefits for human health. The annual award honors a company or organization for an outstanding development that represents a significant advance in the application of food science and technology to food production and was presented at the IFT 13 Annual Meeting and Food Expo. Mars has innovated in the field of nutrition science for over 20 years, taking a comprehensive and systematic approach to researching cocoa flavanols’ role in supporting human health, while inspiring others to conduct research that expands the overall scientific understanding of cocoa flavanols. Mars applies gold standard...
Recent Breakthroughs In Cocoa Flavanol Research Discussed By European Research Consortium And Expert Panel
Leading international experts gather today at the FLAVIOLA International Workshop on Flavanols in Cardiovascular Health in Brussels, Belgium Brussels, Belgium (January 24, 2013) --- Over 50 leading experts will meet today in Brussels, Belgium, to discuss recent breakthroughs in the field of cocoa flavanol research and the key findings of FLAVIOLA – an EU-funded consortium dedicated to state-of-the-art research into flavanols, their health benefits and potential applications. Members of the FLAVIOLA consortium will be joined by a number of international researchers to review the outcomes of FLAVIOLA’s research and theirpotential implications on cocoa flavanol-based applications and potential dietary recommendations for flavanol intake. The workshop, entitled FLAVIOLA International Workshop on Flavanols in Cardiovascular Health, will feature presentations on the project outcomes and wider scientific implications, and will conclude with a panel discussion by leading international scientific and medical...
Going Beyond Essential Nutrients: The Role Of Bioactives In Assessing The Impact Of Food On Health
Going Beyond Essential Nutrients: The Role Of Bioactives In Assessing The Impact Of Food On Health IN BRIEF Bioactives are natural food constituents, widely studied for their potential benefits in maintaining health and preventing disease—but despite this, we have significant gaps in our understanding of the role of bioactives in health and nutrition. A paper published today in Nature Scientific Reports looks at the flavanol epicatechin in order to better understand the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) of this bioactive in humans. The findings highlight the importance of ADME data in the study of bioactives. The findings of this study will impact how scientists assess the health benefits and safety of flavanol intake, investigate the molecular mechanisms of flavanol bioactivity in cell and tissue cultures, and evaluate data from epidemiological studies. Moreover, the outcomes of this research will have wider implications for the study of other bioactive...
Dietary Cocoa Flavanols Improve Vascular Function in Patients with Kidney Dysfunction
Washington, DC – A dietary intervention study published today in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN) demonstrates that the daily intake of cocoa flavanols could significantly improve vascular function and reduce diastolic blood pressure in kidney patients on chronic hemodialysis. Patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis were randomized to receive either a beverage containing a standardized amount of cocoa flavanols (450 mg per serving), bioactive compounds extracted from cocoa beans (provided by Mars Symbioscience), or a nutrient-matched control test drink containing no cocoa flavanols. The study participants consumed the assigned drink twice daily for 30 days. After 30 days, the group consuming 900 mg of cocoa flavanols daily had significantly improved blood vessel function and reduced diastolic blood pressure. This study suggests that cocoa flavanols may be one dietary approach for improving cardiovascular-related health outcomes in patients with kidney dysfunction undergoing...