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USDA-ARS, Mars And IBM Intend To Sequence And Study The Cocoa Genome

May Benefit More Than 6.5 Million Farmers Worldwide and help Sustain World’s Chocolate Supply

McLean, VA, June 26, 2008 –The United States Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS), Mars, Incorporated, and IBM intend to apply their scientific resources to sequence and analyze the entire cocoa genome. Sequencing the cocoa genome is a significant scientific step that may allow more directed breeding of cocoa plants and perhaps even enhance the quality of cocoa, the key ingredient in chocolate.

Scientists advance field of research with publication of newly validated method for analyzing flavanols in cocoa

Validated method enables accurate analysis of the chemical structures of flavanols in cocoa and provides an important tool to further research related to their cardiovascular health benefits

New Analytical Method Developed To Isolate Flavanols In Cocoa

Opens the Door to Future Investigations of Individual Cocoa Compounds

HACKETTSTOWN, NJ (March 01, 2006) – As research continues to demonstrate a link between cocoa flavanol intake and heart health, a new scientific advancement will make it easier to pinpoint the individual compounds in cocoa responsible for the benefit. It will likely change the way scientists explore the health-promoting benefits of many plant-based foods.

Mars, USDA-ARS, And IBM Publicly Release Preliminary Cacao Genome Sequence Three Years Ahead Of Schedule

Landmark Research Effort Will Make Findings Publicly Available in Perpetuity

Results to Benefit 6.5 Million Farmers Worldwide and Sustain World’s Cocoa Supply

Mars, Incorporated Strengthening Case Against Natraceutical, S.A.

Mars, Incorporated is broadening the scope by adding more patents to show infringement on cocoa polyphenol technology and use in products

McLean, VA, August 30, 2007 – Mars, Incorporated is vigorously pursuing the defense of its world’s leading cocoa flavanol technology and related intellectual property. Mars, Incorporated is strengthening its pursuit by adding more patents to the suit, broadening the scope.

Mars, Incorporated Encourages Young Researchers To Cross Disciplinary Boundaries And Help Address The Challenges Of Aging Research At Nobel Laureate Gathering

Nobel Laureate, Prof. Elizabeth Blackburn; Mars Director of Fundamental Health and Nutrition research, Dr. Hagen Schroeter, and 150 of the world’s brightest medical researchers take part in key panel discussion on aging and health

Mars Defense of Flavanol Patent Portfolio Successful

Mars, Incorporated has successfully defended its cocoa flavanol patent portfolio in a recent lawsuit against flavanol extract supplier Naturex, maker of the CocoActiv product, and against flavanol supplement manufacturers Nutraceutical Corp., seller of Solaray™ products, and Life Extension Foundation, seller of Cocoa Gold™ products. A suit was filed in the US District Court in Alexandria, VA against these companies earlier this year for infringement of nine cocoa flavanol related US patents owned by Mars.

Mars Botanical Unveils Innovative New Cocoa Extract and Supplement

ANAHEIM, California (June, 2009) – As the food industry strives to create the next “new” ingredient, Mars Botanical is turning to nature and an “old” staple – cocoa, nature’s unexpected super fruit. After nearly two decades of research, the company is unveiling Cirku™ – a natural cocoa extract containing flavanols, which help maintain healthy circulation.*