Cocoa Flavanols

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Cocoa Flavanols & Cognitive Health

Introduction to Cognitive Health

Cognitive health refers, in part, to keeping our brain functioning at its greatest capacity. While most people would like to continue to maintain cognitive health into the later years of adulthood, the reality is that aging is usually accompanied by cognitive decline. However, only some aspects of cognition are associated with age, these include how quickly information is processed, working memory capacity, and long-term memory. Now that we know these aspects of cognitive health tend to decrease with age, scientists are looking for ways to prevent decline and maintain brain health into the later years of a person’s life.

Emerging Evidence on Cocoa Flavanols in Cognitive Health

Scientific research by Mars, Incorporated and collaborators shows that regular consumption of dietary cocoa flavanols may improve cognitive function. We now know that one component of age-related memory decline in humans, which is caused by changes in a specific region of the brain, may be improved by dietary intervention.

One study led by Columbia University Medical Center showed that dietary cocoa flavanols reversed age-related memory decline in healthy older adults. Learn more about this research and partnership here.

Two studies with L’Aquila University in Italy showed improvement in elderly subjects with early memory decline, and that even cognitively healthy individuals may quickly benefit from the regular inclusion of cocoa flavanols in their diets. Learn more about this research and partnership here.

Learn more about the cognitive benefits of cocoa flavanols as described by Catherine Kwik-Uribe, Human Health & Nutrition Director at Mars, Incorporated in this video.