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The Cocoapro® Extract Process

Traditional Cocoa Processing
In the traditional processes for making cocoa or chocolate products, the flavanols can be easily destroyed. While cocoa flavanols are naturally present in cocoa beans, many products available today contain minimal amounts of active cocoa flavanols due to manufacturing processes that destroy them, including the use of extreme heat, oxidation, pH changes and isomerization (change in chemical structure). It is important to recognize that the destruction of flavanols begins from the time that the cocoa beans are harvested. Therefore, using a higher percentage of cocoa, which may have little or no flavanols present, is not a reliable way to ensure a high level of cocoa flavanols in a product.

To preserve the flavanols naturally and abundantly present in fresh cocoa, Mars scientists developed a proprietary and patented process called Cocoapro® extract process, that helps to preserve the cocoa flavanols. The Cocoapro® extract process begins from the moment the beans are harvested and continues through every step of the process to finished product.

The Cocoapro® extract process is different. Harvested with health in mind™, this patented process ensures the highest levels of cocoa flavanols possible from the fresh cocoa beans are measurable and available in the final food product.